Subluxations FAQ

Chiropractic Care for Vertebral Subluxations: FAQ

If the term “vertebral subluxation complex” is confusing, our Irvine chiropractor can help you understand it in this FAQ. Find out why it may be causing you pain, and how it can be corrected through chiropractic care and treatment.

People Ask These Common Questions about Vertebral Subluxations
What are Vertebral Subluxations?
When any vertebra in your spine is misaligned, it can pinch nerves and cause other problems. Vertebral misalignments are called subluxations. Even if vertebrae are slightly out of alignment, they can hurt. You may not feel pain initially, but if not corrected, vertebral subluxations eventually lead to health problems.
What is a Vertebral Subluxation Complex?
There are 5 components to vertebral subluxation complex—all of them must be corrected for complete healing.
What are the Causes of Subluxations?
The most common causes of subluxation include:

  • Injury to the spinal structure (trips, falls, car accident injuries like whiplash, sports injuries, etc.)
  • Poor posture and ergonomic habits (repetitively incorrect spinal positioning)
  • Poor nutrition and hydration can negatively impact the spine’s supportive structures like discs
  • Stress can impact posture and attention, leading to injury

Every patient is an individual, and one or more of these causes can lead to subluxations and overall lack of health and wellness.

Symptoms of Subluxations

Symptoms can vary widely depending on which vertebrae are affected and which nerves they pinch. But some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Spinal muscle spasms
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Overall poor health
Can Subluxations be Corrected?

Yes! Our Irvine chiropractor helps patients overcome subluxations daily for pain relief and optimal wellness. His combination of chiropractic treatment and therapeutic exercises tailored to each patient’s individual needs enable each aspect of the vertebral subluxation complex to be corrected.

Chiropractic Care Prevents Subluxations for Health, Wellness and Relief

In addition to healing pain and injury related to vertebral subluxation complex, regular chiropractic care with our Irvine chiropractor can actually promote long-term health and wellness by preventing subluxations from developing in the first place. Learn more about chiropractic care in our wellness center today.

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