Looking for Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief?

Your shoulder joint is one of the hardest working, widest ranging joints in the body. If you experience pain and stiffness here, it can severely impact your day-to-day living, even making it hard to sleep. The good news is that our chiropractor in Irvine can successfully help you get long-term adhesive capsulitis—“frozen shoulder”—pain relief.

Our Irvine Chiropractor’s Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

Adhesive capsulitis is the medical term for what many people call frozen shoulder—a condition characterized by pain, stiffness and limited range of motion in this joint. Our Irvine chiropractor Dr. Lee can provide the appropriate treatment regimen that will provide relief, whether your case of adhesive capsulitis is caused by:

  • Spinal subluxation—The alignment of the spine directly impacts the alignment and function of all other areas of the body, including these joints. And with your shoulders’ proximity to the neck and upper spine, misalignments there (either from poor posture habits or an injury) can cause discomfort here.
  • Traumatic injury—A car accident injury, personal injury or sports injury can also directly impact the shoulder. Even the consequences of whiplash, which is technically a neck injury, can cause domino-effect pain in the shoulders.

Dr. Lee provides welcome relief for frozen shoulder patients. After a full examination he can recommend a tailored treatment regimen that may include the following:

  • Chiropractic care—Instead of masking the pain and stiffness with medication, our chiropractor treats the root of adhesive capsulitis with precise spinal adjustments that correct vertebral alignment. Correcting posture problems relieves pinched nerves and removes pressure from sore joints to provide relief and improve flexibility.
  • Massage therapy—The muscles and supporting soft tissues in the shoulders need healing also. Massage boosts nutrient-rich circulation, reduces inflammation and stiffness and improves range of motion while also providing natural pain relief from your own endorphins.
  • Corrective Exercises—Our Irvine chiropractor also teaches you specific exercises and stretches to rebuild strength and flexibility in your shoulders. He also coaches you to build core strength so that you can maintain correct posture to avoid future injury and subluxations.
  • Myofascial Release—This hands-on treatment includes a sustained, gentle pressure on certain points on the connective tissue to provide pain relief and improve range of motion.

If your shoulder is frozen, stiff and painful, please reach out to our chiropractor in Irvine and schedule an appointment today to start getting the treatment you need for long-term relief: 949-552-2100.

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