Therapeutic Exercise in Irvine for Injury Treatment, Pain Relief and Wellness

We need regular exercise for overall health and wellness, but when you suffer an injury or painful condition, you may find yourself avoiding exercise. If so, please contact Irvine chiropractor Dr. John Lee. Lack of movement can actually slow recovery and cause more long-term pain. In addition to providing excellent chiropractic care for injury and pain relief, he will coach you on therapeutic exercises designed specifically for your treatment plan.

Work with Your Chiropractor on Therapeutic Exercise for Pain Relief Benefits

The key to getting the right treatment for your injury or condition relies on proper diagnosis. Our chiropractor considers exercise an essential part of your treatment plan because it brings so many long-term pain relief benefits:

  • Bolstering core strength (abs, back, sides) supports correct spinal alignment to prevent future subluxations.
  • Rehabilitating weak areas after an injury prevents atrophy and promotes overall body balance.
  • Therapeutic exercise can improve range of motion, coordination and stability.
  • Working directly with your chiropractor on exercises specific to your needs can pinpoint your individual weak areas and make them stronger and more flexible.
  • By speeding up the recovery process after an injury, you are able to resume normal activity much faster, with less pain.
  • Exercise is good for your mental state as well, which is an often-overlooked aspect of health and wellness when you are trying to overcome an injury or chronic condition.

Dr. Lee will show you the exact form you should follow for each exercise that is tailored for you. This will help you prevent injury and get the most therapeutic benefits from each exercise.

Chiropractic Care Pairs with Therapeutic Exercise for Faster Recovery

The chiropractic care component of injury recovery is essential to un-pinch nerves, relieve stress on soft tissues and discs and return your spine to its correct alignment. Therapeutic exercises help you maintain the correct posture long-term.

Because each patient has a very individual set of injury or condition circumstances related to their pain relief needs, it’s impossible to just provide a list of exercises here on the website that you should start doing. Visit with your chiropractor for personalized coaching.

Visit the Chiropractor Irvine Trusts for Therapeutic Exercise Coaching

Schedule an appointment today with Chiropractor Dr. John Lee for individual injury and pain relief treatment that includes tailored coaching on therapeutic exercise specific to your needs: (949) 552-2100.

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