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Wrist Pain

Natural Wrist Pain Relief and Injury Treatment in Irvine

Wrist pain, tingling, numbness and weakness can keep you from working and enjoying a wellness-filled life until you get pain relief. Over-the-counter painkillers only mask the discomfort, however. And getting the right kind of treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis of the wrist injury. While carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common types of wrist pain, there are many others. Your Irvine chiropractor Dr. John Lee can accurately diagnose and successfully treat the vast majority of the underlying causes for lasting relief.

Chiropractic Care for Many Causes of Wrist Pain and Injury

The following types of wrist pain and injury respond very well to chiropractic care, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises and the ergonomics treatment Dr. Lee provides. A combination of these natural, drug-free, non-invasive techniques usually resolve wrist pain entirely, improve range of motion and help you get back to an active, wellness-focused lifestyle. These are the most common types of wrist pain that our chiropractor regularly treats:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Inflammation of the tissues inside of the bony carpal tunnel compresses the median nerve, causing shooting pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the wrist and hands. Gripping objects can be difficult; often results from overuse injury, a subluxation in the neck, particularly poor ergonomics at your desk or while using mobile devices.

Strained or Sprained Wrist

These wrist injuries commonly happen when you fall and bend your wrist back suddenly, causing sudden torque. A sprain is a ligament injury, while a strain is an injury of the muscles and tendons. Chiropractic and physiotherapy provide successful treatment of both types of injury.


Tendons in the wrist can become chronically inflamed after injury or overuse. Instead of tendons sliding past each other smoothly, the inflammation causes pain and stiffness. Dr. Lee successfully treats many patients with this condition.


The fluid-filled sacs (bursa) that enable fluid movement of wrist tissues can become inflamed from excess pressure, overuse and injury. Our chiropractor can provide excellent natural treatment for pain relief, healing and wellness.

Get Wrist Pain Relief Now: Call Your Irvine Chiropractor

Don’t let wrist pain interrupt your work, exercise and lifestyle. Usually, a conservative course of chiropractic care, therapeutic exercise and ergonomics adjustments at home or at work can resolve wrist pain naturally. Schedule an appointment with your Irvine chiropractor today and get the relief you deserve:

What is TMJ Treatment?
It is the treatment for the pain of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw. We have effective methods that can resolve these issues. This will usually involve a combination of chiropractic adjustments, muscle tension release techniques, laser therapy, and other therapies if necessary.
What are the Symptoms of TMJ?
TMJ dysfunction can cause pain on either side of the jaw, the restricted opening of the mouth that can affect eating, and clicking and popping noises of the jaw.
What Causes TMJ Pain?
TMJ dysfunction can occur from stress, injury, grinding at night, and overuse from eating hard foods or chewing gum excessively. Forward head posture due to prolonged use of computers and cell phones is also a leading cause of TMJ pain.
Can Chiropractic Treatment Improve TMJ Symptoms?
Yes, chiropractic treatment resolves the majority of TMJ cases.
How Long Does TMJ Treatment Take?
It usually takes 1-3 months to effectively treat TMJ pain.