Visit our Irvine Chiropractor for Car Accident Injury Recovery

If you’ve suffered an automobile accident injury, immediately schedule an appointment with the chiropractor Irvine residents rely on for lasting pain relief. Quick diagnosis and prompt treatment after an car accident can shorten the time you spend suffering, speed recovery and provide welcome relief.

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Auto Accident Injuries Cause Pain for Years without Proper Treatment

Auto accident injuries like whiplash are notorious for late-onset symptoms. So, seeing your chiropractor right after an accident can save you years of suffering! During an automobile crash, the body is subjected to sudden forces that strain, sprain, bruise, and misalign vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs and other tissues—even if no visible injury appears. The following symptoms can manifest days later, so you might not connect them with the fact that your body needs treatment as you recover from an car accident injury:

In fact,Sciatica, neck pain, numbness, tingling, and leg pain may indicate that a bulging or herniated disc injury occurred during the vehicle accident. Some people suffer years without proper diagnosis of their car accident injuries. Irvine chiropractor Dr. Lee can diagnose auto accident injuries right after they happen, providing chiropractic care for immediate and long-term pain relief and recovery.

Chiropractic Care for Vehicle Accident Neck Pain, Back Pain and Whiplash

Prompt chiropractic care is essential after any car accident injury. Dr. Lee can diagnose vertebral subluxations that occurred during the crash, and adjust the spine back to correct alignment. This relieves pressure on bulging or herniated discs and pinched nerves. Massage therapy relieves tension, stiffness, pain, and inflammation while rushing healing circulation to heal soft tissue injuries. Dr. Lee coaches you on therapeutic exercises that rehabilitate your posture, core strength, and range of motion. This multifaceted treatment approach provides relief for car accident injuries like whiplash, neck pain, back pain, etc.

See Your Irvine Chiropractor for Car Accident Injury Treatment Expertise

Schedule an appointment with chiropractor Dr. Lee in Irvine immediately following any car accident injury for the best pain relief treatment results. Even if it’s been years since your vehicle accident, our chiropractic care can help you find long-desired relief and recovery: 949-552-2100

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