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Written Testimonials


I am a relatively active (mountain and road biking, surfing, running) 30-something man who is still learning that my body is not as supple as it once was. About a year ago, I was experiencing a progressively worsening and painful condition I later learned (thanks to Dr. Lee) is called sciatica. I was finding that the pain was preventing me from participating in the activities I love. I did not realize until later that this decrease in activity was not only negatively impacting my physical health, but also, to a certain extent, my mental health. One of the things I appreciate most about Dr. Lee is his understanding that the patient needs to take an active role in his or her own healing and health maintenance. For me, Dr. Lee assessed the problem and prescribed a plan that not only involved further adjustments in his office, but also regular at-home stretches and core strengthening exercises. This holistic approach, I believe, leads to quicker recovery and the development of habits that will help prevent future injuries. In this way, Dr. Lee addresses not only the problem, but also long-term prevention. For me, this has led to a complete elimination of my sciatica, a more active lifestyle, and less visits to the doctor’s office! Because my parents received regular chiropractic adjustments, I was exposed to the benefits of regular chiropractic care at an early age. I have seen many different chiropractors my life. I have now found the one I will stay with. Dr. Lee is very skilled at what he does and keeps the overall health and well-being of his patients at the forefront of his practice. Dr. Lee and his staff are incredibly professional and the care I receive there is the best I have experienced.

William J.

Tension Headaches

I first met Dr. Lee around January of 2007. At the time, I had been grappling for several months with some painful and persistent headaches. My physician prescribed pills, but they proved to be ineffective. Moreover, I was interested in solving the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. When I arrived at Dr. Lee’s office for my initial consultation, I was immediately impressed with the staff’s professionalism and expertise. Not only did Dr. Lee identify the causes of my headaches, he showed them to me using x-rays and a high-tech scanner that displayed the muscle tension caused by misalignments. Regular adjustments followed, as did helpful tips on improving my posture at work and in the car. Finally, after just a handful of visits, the headaches faded, and I was feeling healthier and more energetic.”

Ian H.

Migraine and Headaches

Prior to chiropractic treatments, I was seen by a neurologist and was prescribed medications for my headaches. The medicine (IMITREX) seemed to mask the pain, but the headache would return. This made me concerned about the real problem and why my headaches would continue. I began my chiropractic treatments in September 2006. My initial visit was to see if relief was possible. My headaches usually were from the time I woke up until the time I fell asleep. Since having chiropractic treatments, my headaches are of the past. I am more energetic, less tired and free from pain.

Lauren C.


I suffered from headaches and light headaches for several months prior to seeing Dr. Lee. Now I feel great and I have more energy. The staff at Lee Chiropractic is great and I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone looking for quality chiropractic care!

Raquel P.


I started seeing a chiropractor last summer in my hometown up near San-Francisco. Upon leaving, to go back to complete my senior year she stressed to me the importance of finding a chiropractor down here. Thanks to Google, I found Dr. Lee. He had me take x-rays and it was discovered I had moderate scoliosis as well as several rotated vertebrae. Because I’m a clarinetist, the stress of sitting in one posture and a poor one at that, led to several problems for my back; and I’m sure the huge and heavy backpack I carried in high school didn’t help either. I was previously treated by a physical therapist but the results were temporary and since he was located in L.A., not the easiest guy to reach either. Chiropractic has definitely improved my posture and I am now more aware of my body’s positions. Dr. Lee also gave me stretches to use which helps a lot during my practice sessions. And for whatever reason, I have seemed to grow taller despite being past the age for women to grow!

Jennifer H.

Neck Stiffness and Arm Pain

When I came to Dr. Lee, my neck was completely stiff, with little flexibility and lots of pain. The misalignment in my cervical vertebrae also caused pain to extend down my shoulder and arm. Dr. Lee set me up on three visits per week where he quickly got to the source of my problem. Within a few weeks my pain was greatly diminished. Wow after two months, my problem is completely gone. Dr. Lee possess great skill; always being able to detect problem areas purely by touch. I am very grateful to Dr. Lee and his staff for making my recovery possible and enjoyable. They are truly professional and friendly.

Gary H.

Low Back Pain and Sciatica

My experience with Dr. Lee was the best!! I was not a believer in chiropractic treatment until I met Dr. Lee. I have 20 years plus of big wave surfing, skateboarding in empty pools throughout my childhood, and a “bad back”. I was at the point of sleepless nights and chronic pain in my lower back and down my legs. After being convinced to visit Dr. Lee, I took the gamble and made an appointment. At 44 I thought it was old age, but after about a month into my treatment I am excited to say this stuff works. I am back!!! I have no pain and regained flexibility I thought was gone forever. Thanks to Dr. Lee I am a believer now!

Jeff N.

Neck, Upper Back Pain and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

I had a really good experience with Lee Chiropractic. I’m 26 and came to California on business by car. I had pains in my neck and upper back that caused me to seek treatment. The pain was getting worse and worse, and a friend suggested Chiropractic treatment. I thought it was just going to go away as I’ve played ice hockey most of my life and pains and strains usually go away with some good rest and recovery. This wasn’t the case this time. I was in a car accident years ago and got rear-ended. I might have triggered it again while working out at the gym but it just felt like I slept wrong and it was just getting worse. Along with my health, my concern was that I wasn’t going to be able to drive my car on business trips. I expressed this to Dr. Lee at Lee Chiropractic and he suggested that I go through with relief and corrective care after the examination. I felt that I was in good hands and that hopefully he could relieve the pain. I feel good now. I can work out again and drive knowing that I can look over my shoulder, thanks to Dr. Lee, and his staff. I recommend Lee Chiropractic in Irvine, California A+.

Al J.

Mid Back and Neck Pain

When I first came to see Dr. Lee, I was experiencing significant back and neck pain mostly as a result of working at a computer all day. I also had a fear of having neck adjustments. Dr. Lee quickly gained my trust with his gentleness and willingness to work through my neck adjustment “phobia.” In no time, I was getting regular adjustments to my neck that I really needed. Additionally, over time and with regular chiropractic care, the mid-back pain that I was experiencing decreased significantly to the point that I do not feel the pain every minute of every day like I did before I starting seeing Dr. Lee. I also enjoyed talking to Dr. Lee’s front office assistant. She is always upbeat, helpful and very personable. I would highly recommend Dr. Lee to my family and friends.

Michelle S.

Low Back Pain

I have never considered myself to have serious back problems. I have the occasional tightness and creaking but never felt like I could not do an activity. However, I exercise 5-6 days a week, my job requires heavy physical exertion and I am getting older (40) so I made a new year resolution in 2007 to get back on a Chiropractic plan to hopefully fend off an impending serious injury if I continue doing what I am doing. My wife who is also a client of Dr. Lee insisted I go see him and have a consultation. She had been going with excellent results. I had been on a maintenance plan at “—- Chiropractic” which was yielding limited results but was geographically undesirable (Newport Beach) resulting in sporadic adjustments. I had a consultation and was placed on an aggressive 3 month treatment plan for my above issues. Currently I have graduated to a maintenance plan and the results have me running more frequently and longer, I have limited tightness and the creaking has disappeared. I also feel confident that my back is in check and can live my life without that little voice in the back of my mind questioning if I should do an activity or not. I know my back is strong and healthy. I am totally satisfied with Dr. Lee and his treatment team and plan on continuing my care with him indefinitely. Two thumbs up!!!

Berkley N.

The pregnancy was pain free!

I had a 10 year old back injury that in recent years I injured further. MRI’s confirmed the injury in my lower back. When it would “go out” I couldn’t move for 3 days and the pain was so bad, pain meds could hardly help. I went to a doctor and he had no answers except pain medication. I was desperate for help. As a mother of 3 I cannot afford to have so much pain, be out of commission for days on end, not be able to clean the house etc. My husband came to Dr. Lee for headaches and had wonderful results. So, even though I was skeptical of chiropractic care I finally decided to try it. I have had regular visits to Dr. Lee for more than a year now and my back has not “gone out” again. It is miraculous to me, after years of severe pain and problems. Sometimes that area will flare up but never as bad as it used to and with regular visits the pain is gone. I’ve also benefitted from the strength exercises he gives and I am sure that has helped in the process too. The most amazing part of this experience has been how afraid I was at having my third child because I was afraid the back pain would be so much from carrying. This pregnancy was pain free! Even labor was a completely different experience for me. The pain was so much less I almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time because I wasn’t sure if I really was in labor – a stark contrast from my 2 previous deliveries. Labor and delivery were such a better experience. I highly recommend Dr. Lee. I am amazed at how skeptical I was before because after this experience I will never be without chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Lee for literally changing my daily life!

Marea G.

IT Band – Leg Pain

I have to admit….I was one of those people who never took chiropractic very seriously. I would hear my friends talk about going in for adjustments & thought it seemed like an “addictive” extra expense that couldn’t possibly make an actual difference. I had never even considered seeing a chiropractor until my friend Donn actually called and scheduled an appointment for me to see Dr. Lee. Even then, though I was not intending to actually see a “chiropractor”. I was referred to Dr.Lee because Donn was convinced that Dr. Lee might be able to help me with a knee problem I’d been dealing with. Only when I was completely frustrated with not being able to run anymore, did I finally agree to see Dr. Lee. And even then, it took Donn making the call & scheduling the appointment, for me to actually show up! To make a long story short, I am SO glad that I went to that appointment! During my initial consultation, Dr. Lee figured out that a tight IT band was causing my knee pain. He suggested a series of massage therapy & physiotherapy sessions that would release the muscle & the strain on my knee. With the help of Sanju and Dr. Chau, my knee problem is now gone & I am finally back to running! And …as an added bonus, I was introduced to the benefits of chiropractic! Going for my regular adjustments has significantly reduced the tension in my back & neck, which has made me much more relaxed. Plus, it has GREATLY reduced my migraines, which I used to get on a regular basis. Considering I am a very active person & also a personal trainer/cycling instructor, I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to Dr. Lee. I know that the work he does will be extremely important to maintaining my health & also the health of my clients. I would feel 100% comfortable referring my friends & clients to Dr. Lee…. and wouldn’t think twice about calling and scheduling appointments for them! Thank you Dr.Lee & Staff!

Tiffany S.

Neck and Upper Back Pain

My name is Antonino, I am a researcher in the Department of Aeronautics at the California Institute of Technology. I suffer from a non-severe scoliosis. This form of scoliosis with poor posture and stress provokes spasms in my back, severe tension and pain in my upper back and tension head-aches. I was referred to chiropractic care from my primary physician. When I first met Dr. Lee, I was suffering of severe spasms in my back and very frequent tension head-aches. After few chiropractic adjustments the spasms were gone. I stuck with the program advised by Dr. Lee for the past 9 months, a mix of chiropractor adjustments, physical therapy and massages, and now the spasms are gone, no tension head-aches and I rarely feel tension in my back. I am now in a wellness phase of chiropractic care, and I have recently added yoga exercise to my routine few times/week and I feel great! Dr. Lee chiropractic care, his massage and physical therapists, and staff are excellent. Sincerely,

Antonino F.

Low Back Pain

I developed several issues from a lifetime of abuse from athletic injuries. I’ve always pushed myself beyond areas of prudence and had a lumbar lamenectomy when I was 20 years old. My symptoms escalated into neck and lower back pain. I began chiropractic care many years ago, but stopped when my medical insurance no longer covered the treatments. After Medicare kicked in, the costs were partially covered, so I did some research on the Internet to find a good doctor. I found Dr. John Lee and saw his practice received very high ratings from his patients. I came in for a visit and began the treatment protocol. I began to feel immediate relief. After one month, my range of motion and associated pain was greatly diminished. I did everything he suggested and religiously followed exercises and stretching between visits. I began to feel really good. Now that I have progressed into the maintenance level, I find that I am basically pain free. I sometimes have slippage in the L5 and sacral area, but Dr. Lee takes care of it. He has educated me in what to do and not to do, so I am now able to manage very nicely. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lee. His staff is very professional and friendly every time I come in.

John R.

Low Back Pain

When I first came to Lee Chiropractic I was in pain. After the first day I felt a lot better. It took 2-3 months to adjust my back. After those months had passed it felt a lot better.

Thank you Lee Chiropractic.

Arielle C.

Neck and Upper Back Pain

I was having problems for about 3 years, for my upper back and neck. At the beginning I was taking pain killers (Tylenol, Advil etc). I did not go to a chiropractor because I was not familiar with it. After 3 years of pain, I was not able to take it anymore, pain went from worse to the point that I felt my head was too heavy for my neck to support it. I noticed that I was holding my chin to support my head. I slept flat on the floor because my back was killing me, even at work. One day I decided to see a chiropractor, I chose Dr.Lee and I am glad that I did that. After following the treatment plan that he made for me and also doing the exercises and following all his instructions. I was able to sit better. My neck is free of pain and my upper back feels very good. I have to thank Dr. Lee for his care and professionalism. I am so happy with my improvement that I want to keep it up. I think we (me and Dr. Lee) are going to grow old together; I have someone that I trust to take care of my aches and pains. All of Dr. Lee’s Staff are the best, nice and sweet. Thanks!!

Rocio Y.

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

“I have had back and neck problems for over twenty years from the time I was a recent college graduate. At that time I was back at school visiting and taking a group of physics students to Kitt Peak National Observatory. I drove the bus and slept on a friend’s couch. That’s when I noticed I really had a problem. I have seen many Chiropractors, Family Doctors, Acupuncturists, Sports Physical Therapists and others over many years with mixed success- the pain usually goes away for a while and then comes back. I have always taken an active role in my health with regular exercise including lifting weights, swimming, running, bicycling, yoga and reasonable nutrition. Last Year I had stopped seeing another local Chiropractor when I changed jobs and my insurance changed. I also thought he had done an OK job, but I wasn’t getting better anymore. I came to Dr. Lee’s office when my pain came back and I thought I really needed massage with my adjustments. I actually started seeing Dr. Lee when he was still at his former office. That is where my treatments started and started getting better (I had a lot of stress from work and teaching). When Dr. Lee and his new staff opened up his new office, my life took a very good turn for the better. But it still took three months to get my treatments down to once a week, where they are now. Using adjustments, massage and electro-physiotherapy and traction has really made a big difference; and my insurance is covering all the bills. I have to say that Dr. Lee’s new office and staff are the best I have encountered in all my years of being a patient- and he is not paying me to say this – he is just helping me with my back and neck pain which is worth more than money can buy!!!

Donn S.

Low Back Pain

I am writing to express appreciation and praise for the quality of care displayed at Lee Chiropractic. I would recommend their services to everyone. From Dr. Lee, the clerical staff to the massage therapists, they are not only committed to excellence; they demonstrate it daily. Dr. Lee has been my chiropractor for many months and adapts his techniques to contend with the particular needs of clients. I can state this with certainty since he developed a specific approach to addressing my medical condition after some time, careful listening, and genuine consideration rather than apply a “one-size-fits-all” style as most chiropractors do. After the birth of my daughter in November 2006, I suffered from severe low back pain. I did what most people do when dealing with pain which is take a lot of pain medication. I was just hoping it would go away, but it just didn’t go away and I found myself in 2008 with MORE pain. I also got tired of not enjoying everyday activities that you do with your child because of my low back pain. So, I finally decided to take care of it and I called Dr. Lee for chiropractic care. It’s been a privilege to be a client at Lee Chiropractic. I experienced positive results and look forward to my visits because of the favorable impact they invariably bring. Dr. Lee has successfully created a center for healing and well being. It’s like a mini Oasis from the stresses of daily life. Not only do I trust them with my care…I ENTRUST them with the care of my family members which I have referred here and are currently being treated. Thank you Dr. Lee!

Alexandra S.

Whiplash, Neck and Lower Back

I first sought the help of Dr. Lee after I began to experience slight pain and discomfort on my neck after an automobile accident. Initially, I figured the symptoms were due to stress and poor sleeping habits and that it would eventually go away, but as time passed by I began to realize that it may be from the whiplash I experienced from the rear-end collision. Still, I didn’t want to go through the hassle of having to file claims with the insurance company, and my lack of information about chiropractic treatments kept me skeptical. That’s when I began to notice Dr. Lee and his staff at the gym I use, conducting free diagnostic tests for any members wanting one. I passed by them a couple times at first, but as the discomfort on my neck grew more evident, I decided to give it a try. The diagnosis did reveal a problem in my neck and lower back area. Dr. Lee booked an appointment for me on the spot, and assured me his help with all the claims process. Sure enough, from beginning to end he made everything a smooth process. However, what impressed me the most is his efforts to make sure I understood what he was trying to achieve through each phase of treatment. Dr. Lee was very knowledgeable and informative, and through each appointment, my appreciation for chiropractics grew. I will never forget the first time he did my neck adjustment. It felt like a great pressure was released off my neck, and I instantly felt more alert and comfortable. Dr. Lee is passionate about applying his training and knowledge for the well being of his patients. Him and his friendly staff was very understanding and caring for all my needs, and I enjoyed every treatment with Him, as it helped improved my symptoms with every visit. Now, the pain and discomforts I experienced before treatment have all but disappeared. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lee to anyone seeking chiropractic treatments. Especially those who never received one before!

David S.


Many people think that you have to be injured or suffering from some sort of chronic pain to see a chiropractor. Even if one is in the best physical condition there is still much maintenance that needs to be performed on the human body, especially on something so intricate as the spine. My issues were simple; to maintain overall health and wellness and continue to do so for the rest of my life. I strongly believe in chiropractic care and regularly scheduled adjustments. Upon my first visit with Dr. Lee, we assessed my spine to see what adjustments were necessary for me. I really liked the assessment portion because I knew that my adjustments were specified for me and not generalized as if everyone is getting the same snap, crack, and pop adjustment. After about a month of consistent adjustments I felt my body perform much more efficiently in just my daily activities. Being a personal trainer requires a lot of stress on the body. I also noticed an increased range of motion in the middle of my back as if there had been tension there for years that I never knew about. My goal was simply to maintain but I got a lot more out of it. The adjustments are quick and easy and you know that its effective because its the adjustment YOU qualify for based on YOUR body. Dr. Lee, Thanks again.

Adam R.

Neck and Upper Back Pain

I hurt my neck while swatting a little too hard at golf balls. I figured at the time that this was just an annoying crick in the neck that would disappear after 2 or 3 days of rest. As it turns out, that crick in the neck did not go away. It was actually quite a bit more than annoying ,as it severely impaired my driving: I could turn my head left or right only with great difficulty, making it challenging to watch for blind spots when changing lanes ,or to simply back up. I became concerned when after an entire month passed, I had made absolutely no progress towards recovery, all the while trying to work my way through the considerable discomfort and occasional pain. That’s when I decided to consult Dr. Lee, whom I found through a Google search. The initial consultation was dramatically revealing: we discovered that my spine had more curves than the San Diego Freeway. We immediately negotiated a program intended to restore normal function in my spine. Progress was swift : after only 3 treatments I could turn my head to the left almost normally and I started to make progress when turning my head to the right .After a month I could almost freely turn my head to the right or left ,even while still experiencing some stiffness and tightened back muscles. That’s when I started to take advantage of the massage therapists available on site. I came to realize that Dr. Lee’s spinal adjustments and deep massages go hand in hand to ensure greater health. From there, progress has been steady to the point where after 3 months of treatments, I have not only recovered from my original injury but my overall posture and level of comfort have substantially improved. I am over 60 years old and some defects from a lifetime of slouching over a computer keyboard will never be reversed. I used to experience pain in my lower back after standing or walking for 45 minutes or so, whereas I can now spent an entire afternoon shopping with my wife without experiencing discomfort. Also, my wife and I got into ballroom dancing over a year ago and our instructors have commented favorably on my significantly improved posture. Dancing with the Stars, here I come!

Adam R.

Low Back, Asthma, Ear Infections

I’m Terry, this is my wife Shirley, my older daughter Kalyn and younger daughter Kylie. My wife and I have had fragile backs for several years but things became intolerable after Kylie was born. Shirley couldn’t do even the simplest chores, even sitting in a chair for just a few minutes without extreme pain. I’ve always had a stiff neck from years of stress, bad posture and ergonomics while sitting at a computer all day at work. Around the same time my wife was having her back problems I started to have problems as well (probably from carrying and lifting our daughters) so we decided to visit a chiropractor. After several months, we did not see significant improvement so we decided to try another doctor. We chose Dr. Lee after viewing his website and after just a month of adjustments, massages and stretching exercises we could both feel improvement. After several months we’ve been able to lead fairly normal pain-less lives. We’re currently in the “maintenance” phase to prevent our back problems from flaring up again. Coincidentally, a few months ago we mentioned to Dr. Lee that Kalyn started wheezing and coughing. In his usual matter-of fact manner he told us he could fix that and after a few adjustments to help with her airways, her wheezing is gone and hasn’t come back. Finally, both girls started having problems with fluid in their ears which caused earaches. Once again Dr. Lee said he could fix that too! They got adjustments and they haven’t complained of their ears hurting and the fluid has disappeared. The one thing we’ve appreciated all along the way is Dr. Lee’s willingness to listen to our concerns and take the steps to fix the problems. And positive results!

Terry, Shirley, Kalyn, and Kylie N.

Neck and Low Back

When I first went to Dr. Lee, I was experiencing recurring neck and low back pain due to the normal stress of life. At the time, my right foot hurt constantly due to bunion and hammer toe problems. Also, my right knee, which I have injured several times in falls and a car accident, still hurt occasionally. The nagging pain drained my energy and made it difficult to focus on my work. It also hindered my ability to exercise and participate in recreational activities. The pain made everything a chore rather than the enjoyable and energizing activities they should be. I tried relieving the pain by stretching and exercising, and through the use of acupuncture. These things gave me limited and temporary relief. My acupuncturist suggested that I get treatment from a chiropractor. I feel lucky to have found Dr. Lee via an internet search. After he made a thorough assessment of my condition I began receiving chiropractic care from him which was well planned and specific to my problems. Over the course of my care the pain diminished and now I rarely have back or neck aches. I also underwent foot surgery during this time and the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Lee relieved the back pain which was a result of walking off balance with a post surgery boot. I have an overall sense of feeling healthier now and I am more conscientious about exercising properly. I am also more conscious of how the way I sit, stand and walk contribute to my well being. I don’t tire as easily and, happily, I take much more pleasure in both work and play. Dr. Lee and his staff have been, and continue to be, great to work with. They are always friendly and are professional as well as compassionate in their treatment of each person. I have been to one other chiropractor and I can tell you that the treatment I am receiving from Dr. Lee far surpasses my previous experience. He is, by far, more knowledgeable, more thorough, more skilled, and more holistic in his approach. I will be happy to have Dr. Lee as my chiropractor for as long as he continues his practice. I will also recommend him to anyone I can. Thank you, Dr. Lee, for making such a difference in my life.

Sister Theresa L.