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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Relief in Irvine

Did you know that in any given year, almost half of the people you meet will have suffered lower back pain? Many of these people will also tell you that painkillers have only had a temporary and largely unsatisfactory impact on their suffering. Our Irvine chiropractor Dr. John Lee and his team of chiropractors however, uses natural techniques that can successfully resolve your lower back pain for the long term.

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Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Every patient comes to us with a unique story. Our chiropractor will listen to you and do a complete diagnosis to develop a unique, effective low-back pain treatment plan for you. Although each patient is different, most cases of low back pain span the following categories:

Incorrect posture and ergonomic habits

Slouching on the couch, sitting in a poorly-designed office space, sleeping on a bad mattress, etc.

Traumatic injury

A car accident, sports injury, work injury or home injury…


The majority of pregnant women report low back pain either during or after pregnancy.

Bulging and Herniated Disc Injury

Excruciating bulging and herniated discs can develop from injury or long-term poor posture habits.

Being overweight/poor physical conditioning

The strain of excess body weight and poor muscle tone can wreck posture.

Chiropractic Care Resolves Lower Back Pain

Your Irvine chiropractor can help you achieve lower back health and pain-free wellness again with a combination of holistic treatment modalities including:

Chiropractic Adjustment

Our chiropractors will determine where vertebrae are out of alignment and use precise, skilled spinal adjustment techniques to nudge them back into place. This releases pinched nerves and leads to welcome pain relief.

Therapeutic Exercises

Our chiropractors wants you to experience long-term recovery, so he will teach you stretches and core strengthening exercises that can bolster your back and help you maintain healthy posture to avoid future injuries.

Ergonomic and Posture Counseling

If poor posture and ergonomic trouble brought on your low back pain, it’s important to learn ergonomic ways to live, work and exercise to prevent future problems.

The Low Back Pain Chiropractor Irvine Patients Trust

You deserve relief from your lower back pain, so please don’t hesitate one more minute: schedule an appointment with Irvine chiropractor Dr. Lee and his team of chiropractors and get on the road to long-term drug-free pain relief and recovery today:

People Ask These Common Questions about Low Back Pain

What causes muscle spasms in the lower back?
Muscles spasms in your lower back are your body’s natural defense mechanism for protecting the area to help prevent further damage to the injured or weak area of the spine. This is usually caused by subluxations (misalignment) of the vertebrae of the spine due to traumatic injury or repetitive strain or overuse injury.
What are the symptoms of chronic back pain?
Chronic back pain may present in a variety of ways such as dull, achy, sharp, throbbing, diffuse, pinpoint or stabbing pain. The intensity of pain can also fluctuate from mild to severe depending on activity. A person with chronic back pain has usually been dealing with reoccurring episodes of pain over a long period of time.
What does it mean if you have severe lower back pain?
Severe low back pain may indicate that the degree of subluxation (misalignment) that has occurred to a vertebra of the spine may be severe and therefore pinching the surrounding nerve(s) significantly. It may also mean that a disc injury may be present. A severe disc protrusion, bulge or herniation may cause high levels of pain.