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Neck Pain Relief Treatment Irvine CA


Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief in Irvine

The neck is the most flexible and most vulnerable part of your spine—this is where the spinal cord leaves your brain and travels out to deliver messages to the rest of the body, so it also does a crucial job. Yet imagine trying to balance a 10 to 12 pound watermelon on the end of a stick with the help of just a few rubber bands and you can understand why the neck is so easy to injure. Fortunately, Dr. Lee, our chiropractor in Irvine, has a host of natural neck pain treatment options to provide relief and thorough healing.

Neck Pain Treatment from our Chiropractor

Our chiropractor diagnoses and provides neck pain treatment that remedies the underlying causes of pain without drugs or other invasive procedures. These effective, natural treatments restore correct vertebral alignment, release pinched nerves, alleviate soft tissue sprains and strains and help you improve posture so you can prevent future injuries. The treatments offered depend on what is causing the pain in the first place:

Neck injuries like whiplash

When the head is suddenly whipped back and forth due to car accident injury, sports injury or other personal injury, the vertebrae can be jostled out of alignment. The muscles, ligaments and tendons are also strained. Neck pain, stiffness, headaches, difficulty focusing and even blurred vision can result. Our chiropractor provides spinal adjustments to correct subluxations in the vertebrae, combined with therapeutic exercises to heal the soft tissue injuries, relieve the painful symptoms and restore full range of motion in the neck.

Poor posture habits

Frequent “forward head posture” (FHP) from looking down over a computer or other work surface, as well as poor sleep posture, etc. can slowly pull neck vertebrae out of alignment and cause the neck’s supporting soft tissues to become incorrectly conditioned to this nerve-pinching posture. Spinal adjustments and therapeutic exercises, as well as ergonomics counseling are effective at retraining the soft tissues, strengthening neck muscles and providing neck pain relief.


Stress often causes tension in the neck muscles and prevents people from concentrating on good posture.

For natural, effective neck pain relief, call our Irvine chiropractor at 949-552-2100 to ask any questions, and to schedule an appointment.