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Herniated Disc Treatment

Herniated Disc Pain Relief Treatment in Irvine

A herniated disc (sometimes called a slipped disc) is usually worse than a bulging disc. Discs herniate when the fibrous outer covering of an intervertebral disc (the annulus) splits open, allowing the shock-absorbing center filling (the nucleus pulposus) to extrude outside of the disc. This extruded material pinches nerves and can even put pressure on the spinal cord, causing pain to radiate from the back or neck where the disc is located and out to the arms or legs. Fortunately, chiropractic treatment with Dr. John Lee and his associate doctors here in Irvine often provides lasting relief for herniated discs.

Our Chiropractor in Irvine Explains Herniated Disc Pain Relief

Herniated discs are identified and confirmed via MRI. X-rays and a physical examination are also necessary so that the appropriate treatment options can be determined. Most injured discs respond well to chiropractic treatment, but in severe cases, surgery may be necessary. Discs might herniate for several different reasons:

Years of poor posture (at work, at home, during exercise, etc.)
Incorrect lifting ergonomics
A sudden injury (car accident injury, sports, injury, slipping and falling down, etc.)
Even a sudden cough, sneeze, or just bending over to pick something up off the floor can split open a disc that had previously been bulging or weakened and cause it to herniate, allowing the nucleus to slip out to painfully pinch the nerves.
While some herniated discs may require surgical intervention, most of them respond successfully to drug-free, non-invasive chiropractic care. So be sure to discuss your options with our chiropractor so you can get the most effective pain relief and healing options for your situation. Our doctors can help you with the following treatments:
Chiropractic spinal adjustments alleviate one of the major causes of herniated discs—spinal subluxations. With gentle, precise spinal adjustments, our chiropractor corrects posture and alignment of the vertebrae. This removes undue pressure from discs and the nerves for welcome pain relief.
Therapeutic exercises taught by our doctors strengthen your core and retrain your muscles to maintain correct posture naturally so you avoid damaging discs in the future.
If you struggle with any of the symptoms of a herniated disc, please contact our chiropractor in Irvine today at 949-552-2100 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page.