Wearable Technology and Health Monitoring

Does Wearable Technology like the Apple Watch Keep You Fit?

Although your Fitbit, Apple Watch or other wearable technology tracking your steps, heart rate and nutrition can’t make you fit, our Irvine chiropractor has noticed marked wellness improvements for patients committed to tracking their health on watches like these. In fact, Our chiropractors urge many of our chiropractic care patients to use them regularly.

Your Watch and Your Chiropractor: A Team for Health and Wellness

As chiropractors, Dr. Lee, Dr. Melad and Dr. Untalan spend their time helping patients achieve pain relief and injury recovery through chiropractic care and personalized therapeutic exercise programs. But their real passion is helping people prevent pain and dysfunction by taking a proactive role in their own health. Wearable technology like the Apple Watch has made their patients far more aware of how daily actions impact their health and recovery processes, specifically:

Steps tracking

Staying fit requires regular exercise. Watches tracking your daily steps total seem to push people to at least walk more, take the stairs, park farther from the office or store and take an extra lap at lunchtime. It all adds up to better heart health, weight loss and overall fitness.

Food tracking

With obesity being a top indicator of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, inflammation and an increase in susceptibility to injury, using wearable technology to track daily food intake helps many of Dr. Lee’s patients lose weight and improve their health.

Hydration tracking

Dehydration is a silent cause of pain and dysfunction. Fitbits, Apple Watches, etc. come with apps to help track your water intake so you stay properly hydrated.

Heart-rate tracking

Wearable tech is great for keeping an eye on your heart rate. This can be helpful if you’re monitoring your heart for health problems, or trying to stay within your target heart rate during your workout.

Sleep tracking

Getting the right amount of sleep is another critical, yet often overlooked way to improve your health, improve pain relief and accelerate injury recovery. Again, your watch can help you stay motivated to get to bed on time.

Talk with Your Irvine Chiropractor About Using Your Watch for Wellness Purposes

Your watch or other wearable technology can really keep you focused on your health goals. Schedule an appointmentwith your Irvine chiropractor and he can show you how to get the most out of the health awareness boost these devices can provide for you: