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Daily Injuries Treatment Irvine CA


Daily Injuries

Irvine Chiropractor Provides Back Pain Relief Treatment for Daily Injuries

Irvine chiropractor Dr. Lee and his team treats countless Daily injuries—some of which might sound silly:

  • “I hurt my back brushing my teeth.”
  • “I hurt my back in the shower.”
  • “I hurt my back putting on my socks.”
  • “I hurt my back washing the car.”
  • “I hurt my back getting out of bed.”
  • “I hurt my back carrying groceries.”
  • “I hurt my back bending over to pick up toys/the newspaper/my toddler…”

Chiropractic Care Can Help With Daily Injuries

Although daily injuries happen in all kinds of situations, the underlying conditions that set you up for the injury are common and respond well to chiropractic care:

Long-term poor posture habits—Years of hunching over your desk or slouching as you watch TV can put stress on discs, strain your muscles and gradually pull your vertebrae out of alignment. One day, something just snaps.
Poor ergonomics—Closely related to poor posture, years of picking up toys or groceries the wrong way can also cause the same sort of spinal misalignments, bulging and herniated discs, etc.
Chiropractors Dr. Lee, Dr. Melad and Dr. Untalan provide excellent back pain relief treatment that can address these underlying daily injury triggers:
Chiropractic Care —A series of spinal adjustments can realign your spinal column to relieve pressure from nerves and discs for dramatic pain relief.
Therapeutic Exercise —Our chiropractor will help you reestablish correct posture habits and core strength so you can feel better faster and prevent future injuries.

If You Hurt Your Back Doing Anything, Call Your Irvine Chiropractor

No daily injury is too silly or embarrassing that it should prevent you from calling your Irvine chiropractor for pain relief treatment. Don’t suffer needlessly! These things happen to everyone and chiropractic care can help. Schedule an appointment today at 949-552-2100 or follow us on Facebook today.