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Visit Your Pregnancy Chiropractor in Irvine for Drug-Free Pain Relief

Pregnancy is an exciting, stressful time that involves major daily living, hormonal and physical changes. Fortunately, regular chiropractic care throughout all three trimesters is a safe, natural and effective way to relieve pregnancy back pain, sciatica, stiffness and stress. Irvine chiropractor Dr. John Lee regularly helps expectant mothers get natural relief during pregnancy.

Chiropractic Care Provides Natural Pain and Stress Relief during Pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses, all kinds of things happen that can increase your stress levels:

  • Increased weight in the abdominal region leads to stress on the spine that can cause new subluxations, or worsen existing subluxations that pinch nerves and cause lower back pain.
  • Pelvic changes can also affect posture and lead to stiffness and, particularly, sciatica as the baby grows.
  • Later in the pregnancy, as the baby drops in preparation for delivery, sciatica and lower back pain can become intense.
  • Hormonal changes loosen ligaments at the same time that your center of gravity is shifting, making you prone to imbalances and potential injury.

At the same time, pregnant women want to avoid painkillers because they can have unknown or adverse effects on their babies. Fortunately, our Irvine chiropractor can provide relief for all of these problems naturally, making pregnancy less stressful and more enjoyable—without drugs!

Regular Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

  • Visit with our chiropractor from the beginning of your pregnancy for a spinal checkup. Dr. Lee’s gentle, precise adjustments optimize your spinal alignment and relieve any pinched nerves to relieve discomfort and help your nervous system operate optimally.!
  • Schedule regular visits with Dr. Lee so he can continue optimizing your posture as your baby grows. This will help to minimize the stress of lower back pain and sciatica so common during pregnancy.!
  • In addition to regular chiropractic care, our Irvine chiropractor can offer coaching and tips on pregnancy-safe exercises and stretches to help your body as it changes and prepares for delivery. In fact, regular spinal adjustments combined with these exercises can help you and your baby experience a faster, safer and less complicated delivery.!
If you are pregnant in Irvine, chiropractor Dr. Lee can lower your stress levels with natural pain relief. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling 949-552-2100. We look forward to working with you!