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Ergonomics and Proper Posture Wellness FAQ

Ergonomics and Proper Posture Day and Night for Health and Wellness FAQ

Irvine chiropractors Dr. John Lee, Dr. Jerome Melad and Dr. Wil Untalan provide excellent chiropractic care (spinal adjustment) and other natural treatment options for pain relief and injury recovery. Central to their mission to improve health and wellness throughout Irvine with chiropractic care is their desire to help people avoid pain and injury. This FAQ gives tips on ergonomics and proper posture, day and night.

People Ask These Common Questions about Ergonomics and Proper Posture Wellness
What is Proper Computer Desk Posture?
  • Sit with back straight, buttocks touching the back of the chair, shoulders over hips.
  • Use a chair with lumbar support, or use a towel or lumbar cushion.
  • Adjust the chair so your legs bend at a 90-degree angle.
  • If possible, use an ergonomic keyboard to keep your wrists in a straight, neutral position.
  • Tilt the monitor so you can look straight ahead at it during the day.
  • Take breaks to stretch and walk around every 30 minutes.
What is the Ergonomic Way to Use a Mobile Device?
  • Don’t crane your neck—keep neck straight and wrists neutral.
  • Switch hands every few minutes, or use a Bluetooth earpiece.
  • Use text shortcuts and avoid typing lengthy emails or texts on mobile devices.
  • Prop elbows on a desk or cushion to read texts or emails without bending head forward.
What is Proper Standing and Lifting Posture?
  • Wear supportive shoes or use a shock-absorbing mat.
  • Keep back straight, shoulders back, with your head in line with your body.
  • Keep feet about shoulder-width apart; avoid locking the knees.
  • Keep your tummy tight and pulled in.
  • If you need to stand for long periods of time, walk, march in place or shift your weight to avoid staying static for too long.
  • If you need to lift a heavy object, bend your knees; if possible, get help.
What are the Correct Sleeping Ergonomics?
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach; side or back positions are better.
  • Use a mattress that provides the right amount of support to keep your spine aligned and neutral.
  • Use a body pillow between your knees to prevent spine twisting.
  • Use a pillow that supports your neck, keeping it aligned with the rest of your spine. Keep your head facing forward.
How Can I Avoid Injury During Exercises?
Proper form and posture during exercises can save you injury and pain so you can stay active. While each type of exercise requires different ergonomics, keep these general tips in mind:

  • Start with correct standing posture and keep abs tight.
  • Don’t overextend any joints.
  • Wear the correct shoes for your activity.
  • Ask your trainer to observe and correct your posture as you do exercises.

Contact Your Irvine Chiropractor for Personalized Ergonomics Tips

Following these general ergonomics guidelines can help you prevent pain and injury, but personalized tips are often necessary. Schedule an appointmentfor ergonomic and posture counseling with your Irvine Chiropractor today: