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Irvine Back Pain Relief

80% of people will suffer some form of back pain sometime, causing many of them to reach for painkillers that have a host of their own difficult side effects. But our chiropractor Dr. Lee can provide individually targeted, natural and effective backache relief and prevention, right here in Irvine—without drugs or surgery.

Causes of and Treatments for Back Pain

There are a few overarching causes of back pain that can filter down into several other specific conditions:

  • Poor posture and ergonomics (whether sitting, working or even sleeping)
  • Injury (car accident injuries, sports injuries, personal injuries etc.)
  • Poor physical conditioning (core strength is important for back health)
  • Stress (this leads to poor posture, injuries and pain)

Poor posture, stress and incorrect ergonomics cause many kinds of musculoskeletal strain that can result in backaches. Hunching over your computer or any other work area for extended periods of time puts muscles in improper positions and causes imbalance and poor spinal alignment. Eventually, this leads to strains, sprains and subluxations (vertebrae pulled out of position). When muscles and vertebrae are out of optimal alignment, pinched nerves cause pain and other dysfunctions in the body. Even sleeping in awkward positions or on the wrong mattress can cause these problems. Likewise, a sudden injury can strain muscles and jolt vertebrae out of position. These sudden injuries can also inflict stress on intervertebral discs that can press on nerves, causing enormous pain.

Our chiropractor in Irvine can help with all of these causes of backaches. Dr. Lee will fully examine you and your medical history to diagnose the root causes of your back pain and then map out a chiropractic care plan to alleviate the pain for good. Our natural back pain treatments and prevention strategies include:

  • Chiropractic spinal adjustments to realign vertebrae into correct position. This relieves pinched nerves and delivers welcome pain relief.
  • Massage therapy to relieve stress, relax musculoskeletal tensions, boost healing circulation and reduce inflammation in muscles, tendons and ligaments. (Massage also boosts endorphins to alleviate pain without painkillers.)
  • Therapeutic exercise coaching to help you strengthen your core muscles. Strong abdominal, back and oblique muscles help you maintain correct posture and protect your back from future injuries.

Together, these therapies provide natural, lasting back pain relief and prevent future back pain! Call our Irvine chiropractor today at (949) 552-2100, or just schedule an appointment here.